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Mind Medicine Online Course

LEVEL 1 - TBA  2024

Experience and learn to master the healing light of Mind Medicine. This course will provide the learning tools to master the healing light of Mind Medicine. This course will bring to the attendee the deeper illumination techniques and methods of meditation that provide great means of purification of physical and emotional trauma that can be held from earlier in life and past lives. This develops a great sense of inner peace and harmonization of the mind while still gracefully moving thru the celebrations and challenges of life experience.

Qigong Healer Certification Course

LEVEL 1 & 2 - TBA, 2024

Learn to heal your self and others in this certification training course that will teach you the power of the ancient healing qi emission techniques of medical qigong. You will learn the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine and powerful qigong healing techniques that have been used for thousands of years in China. You will also learn how to identify the blocked and turbulent energy in the body and then remove or transform this unneeded energy that may be sourcing the physical challenge. Then, you will learn how to put more healthy energy back into the body. Be a Other effective alchemical qigong methods will be layered into the fundamental technique taught, providing an array of healing techniques to support a strong healing practice

Qigong Teacher Certification Course


Learn to teach Qigong!  Enjoy this training program that is at your own pace and gives you the teaching skills to effectively teach others Qigong.  

Tai Chi Teacher Certification Course


Become certified to teach Tai Chi.  Enjoy a simple self paced training program that that easily allows you to emboli the teaching skills to effectively teach others Tai Chi.

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